Sign Today 2015

Dates & Venue 

3 - 5 July 2015
Dr. Prabhakar Kore Convention Centre
Bangalore, India

  BuySell Interactions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

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Sign Today 2015
Sign Today 2015
International Show for Indoor & Outdoor Advertising

      Signage is an important media option in the world of advertising. Signages offer a whole new dimension in projecting the brand identity to the target audience. The business of media, advertising and marketing is driven by one resource - People. Thus India with a potential of a billion buyers presents a unique opportunity for global players to discover new markets.

Exhibitor Profile

Signs/ Signage Material & Machinery
- Display Signs (All Types)
- Revolving Boxes & Scrollers
- Solvent Printers/Seaming Machines
- Flex/Tapes/Vinyl Adhesives
- Inkjet Material (Inks/Solvent)
- Plasma Screens
- Computers / Scanners
- Cutting/lamination Machines
- Lamination/Poly Propylene Sheets
- Sign Cabinets

Retail / Indoor & Outdoor Advertising
- Indoor Advertising Systems
- Banners/Posters & Bill Boards
- kiosks & Hoardings
- Outdoor Advertising Systems
- Railway/Airport Advertising
- Advertising Concepts

Printing /Packaging/Design
- Screen/Offset Printing Machines
- Textile & Pad Printing Machines
- Imaging /Plate Making Machines
- Packaging Material & Machinery
- Gravure Printing MAchines
- Scanning/CTP Equipments
- Die-Cutting/Lamination Machines
- Paper Board & Stationery


Visitor Profile

      The visitors of  Sign Today 2015 will comprise of the Ad Agencies, Art/Creative Directors, Event Organisers, Advertising & Media professionals, Architects, Brand Managers, Book Binders, Brand Managers, Consumer Product Manufacturers, Corporate End Users, Design & Marketing Films, Designers, Digital Printers, Equipment & Material Dealers, Packaging Industry, Print Consultants & Distributors, Signage Industry

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Sign Today 2015