18 - 20 September 2014

  Bangalore International Exhibition Centre,
Bangalore, INDIA


FEDERATION Of Indian Mineral Industries, New Delhi


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Mining, Exploration Convention & Trade Show

        India is endowed with large mineral resources, especially iron ore, bauxite, coal, base metals, noble metals and diamonds. However, most of these resources are either under–explored or under – exploited or both, for a variety of reasons. For achieving a high manufacturing growth rate as envisaged in the New Manufacturing Policy, the mining sector has to grow faster, and has to make higher contribution to GDP. To achieve these ambitious objectives, entire value chain of the mineral sector starting from reconnaissance, exploration, mining and beneficiation to the value addition downstream sectors have to be streamlined so as to attract investments from both domestic as well as international investors, particularly in strategic and deep – seated minerals requiring state-of-theart technologies and risk capital. Regulatory mechanism has to improve to facilitate such investments and accelerated implementation. All these developments need to happen in a Sustainable Development Framework so as to ensure inclusive growth.

In order to attract investment and technology FIMI is organizing a threedays Convention on “Mining, Exploration Convention & Trade Show with the support of PDAC. The Ministry of Mines has sponsored the Convention. The will provide a unique opportunity for various stakeholders involved in the mining value chain – policy makers, exploration agencies, mining companies, regulatory agencies, technologists, economists, investors including people from abroad – for intense deliberations and discussions.

Exhibitor Profile

• Bauxite
• Copper
• Diamond
• Iron/Manganese/Chrome Ore
• Gold/SIlver
• Lead / Zinc
• Coal

• Aerial Ropeway
• Air Compressors
• Buckets
• Conveyor Belting & Components
• Cranes, Preparation
• Forklift Trucks
• Hydraulic Excavators
• Locomotives
• Signalling Equipments
• Wagon Tipplers
• Cranes
• High Speed Mono Cable Ropeways
• Doll Bits
• Hand Tools
• Industrial Hoses
• Equipments
• Tunnel Boring Machines
• Walking drag lines
• Train Tipplers

 • Air Transportation Services

 • Associations

 • Consulting Services

 • Drilling Equipment & Services

 • Exploration/Mining Companies

 • Exploration/Mining Equipment & Supplies

 • Geological Surveys

 • Geophysical Services & Equipment

 • Insurance Companies

 • Internet Services

 • Laboratory Suppliers & Analytical Services

 • Law Firms
 • Publications
 • Remote Sensing/Mapping / Satellite Communications
• Research Organizations

 • Software Companies · Universities/Colleges

Visitor Profile

      The visitors of MINING MAZMA 2014 will comprise of Procurement & vendor development department of Mining Companies. Mine Owners, Managers, Architects,  Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Builders, Cement Manufacturers, Construction Material Suppliers, Construction Houses, Steel Industry, Aluminium Industry, Financial Institutions,  Safety Institutes, Chamber of Commerce, Transporters, Trading and marketing companies,  Automation, Power generation and distributors, Government Officials, Engineering Colleges, Ministry and Geological Institutes

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